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Welcome to In2Hockey!

In2Hockey is a fun, exciting and dynamic game designed for 10 to 14 year olds to help them develop their hockey skills and techniques, and to provide a gradual progression into the 11-a-side version of the game.

In2Hockey follows on from hockey’s introductory 4-a-side game Quicksticks. It can be played as a 7-a-side game with goalkeepers, or introduced as a 6-a-side game without goalkeepers. It is played on an area the size of half a hockey pitch. The small-sided teams mean that players get more touches on the ball, increased levels of physical activity, more opportunity for skill development, and greater feeling of contribution to the team. In2Hockey therefore provides young players with opportunities for development, success and above all enjoyment.

To ease the young players’ transition, the stages of In2Hockey gradually introduce three key features of the 11-a-side version of the game. These are goalkeepers, penalty corners and penalty strokes, and through In2Hockey each element is introduced in an easy to deliver, progressive and enjoyable way.

These web pages contain all of the information you need to set up, deliver and enjoy In2Hockey! By clicking on the relevant sections you can find out more about the game, see what equipment packages are on offer, discover the range of In2Hockey resources that are available to aid delivery, find out what delivery training options are available, see what competitions you can organise and enter and much more!

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