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Equipment - Balls

In2Hockey Balls

In2Hockey can be played with a choice of hockey balls to suit the ability and experience levels of the players.

For beginners it is recommended to use a Quicksticks ball, as it is larger and lighter than a standard ball, making it safer and easier for the players to get used to playing the game, and to develop their basic skills. This ball has been specifically designed for use on a variety of surfaces, including artificial turf pitches, indoor sports halls and tarmac/playgrounds.

With intermediate or more advanced players, a lightweight In2Hockey ball should be used. This is the same size as a standard hockey ball and is designed to maximise the development of young players. The reduced weight makes the ball easier to manipulate and pass over distance, which helps ensure that games are fast, and flowing.

The ability to pass the ball over longer distances ensures that the full pitch is in play at all times and allows players to develop their vision and confidence in playing longer passes. It also means that players can very quickly progress into playing fun small-sided games of a high quality from their very first session.

Either an In2Hockey ball or a Quicksticks ball must be used when playing 6-a-side In2Hockey without goalkeepers.

As players become more experienced and play 7-a-sideIn2Hockey, a standard ball can be introduced to aid their transition to the 11-a-side game. However it is advised that the ability levels of all the players involved is always considered. Under no circumstances should a standard hockey ball be used when playing without goalkeepers.


It is the responsibility of the teacher or coach to decide which type of ball is most appropriate for their players, depending on their stage of development.

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