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Introduction of Goalkeepers

During In2Hockey goalkeepers are introduced for the first time.

For many teachers and coaches goalkeeping is one of the hardest aspects to introduce and coach effectively, and there are often concerns about equipment costs and safety. In2Hockey’s goalkeeping bolt-on resource aims to make the introduction of goalkeepers to the game as simple as possible, and as enjoyable for the young players as possible.

The bolt-on goalkeeping resource includes a session plan that introduces the position to a whole group using mini footballs or tennis balls. 15 goalkeeping challenge cards are also provided. The cards suggest some goalkeeping specific activities, some of which can be delivered to a whole group without the need for goalkeeper equipment, and some of which can be delivered to specialist goalkeepers with equipment. They also provide basic feedback tips that can be used by the coach or teacher to help guide the young goalkeepers development. They are colour coded using a traffic light system to help coaches and teachers select cards that are appropriate to the group that they are working with.

Some cards will be suitable for two or more levels of ability as they can easily be adapted and individualised using the STEP framework whilst still maintaining the key focus of the card.

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