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In2Hockey Courses Overview

England Hockey has developed a range of In2Hockey training courses to help teachers and coaches feel confident to deliver the game

Here you can find an overview of each of the courses and they are available as either a practical course or an online course. Practical courses can be delivered by teachers, coaches or anyone with good hockey knowledge. Deliverers need to familiarise themselves with the course and follow the suggested course guidance. If you don't have a deliverer comfortable or familiar with In2Hockey please contact your Relationship Manager who will be able to suggest someone (please note an external deliverer may charge). 

Online courses offer more flexibility and can be completed at the candidates own pace, to fit in with their own schedule and commitments. All online courses are FREE and available through the Hockey Hub.


The core In2Hockey course appropriately trains teachers and coaches to deliver In2Hockey to young people aged 10 to 14 within a club or school setting.

The course explains the aims of In2Hockey, provides a summary of the key rules of the game, details the range of equipment and resources available, and provides examples of safe and effective delivery within a club and school setting.

The course outline is as follows:

  • What is In2Hockey?
  • In2Hockey Equipment
  • In2Hockey Resources
  • Rules of In2Hockey
  • Examples of In2Hockey Delivery - Y7/U12; Y8/U13; Y9/U14


The Introduction of Goalkeepers course appropriately trains teachers and coaches on how to introduce goalkeepers into the game.

The course aims to support the delivery of goalkeeping coaching at a basic level and explain how to enable all young players to try out basic goalkeeping skills, how to give goalkeepers some basic coaching points, and then how to integrate goalkeepers into other activities.

The course outline is as follows:

  • Introduction to goalkeeping/role of resource and cards
  • How to put the goalkeeping equipment on and key safety points
  • Key coaching points - the ready position, kicking, and hand saves
  • Example of an introduction to goalkeeping session being delivered
  • How to include Goalkeepers in existing challenges


The Developing In2Hockey Umpires course appropriately trains teachers, coaches, or young people to umpire a game of In2Hockey.

The course aims to explain the rules of the game, introduce the basic principles of umpiring, explain when an umpire should blow their whistle, and introduces the basic umpiring signals.

The course outline is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • General rules of the game
  • Teams and Players from an Umpiring Perspective
  • Umpiring - Preparation and Principles
  • Umpiring Guidance and Tips - Blowing the Whistle/Signalling/Positioning