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Junior Sessions

The Teacher and Coaches resource booklet includes a series of 18 session plans which introduce and develop the key skills of the game, and therefore provides a basic framework for club-based deliverers to follow and/or adapt as appropriate. The session plans identify the session objectives and outcomes. The sports coach UK Coaching the Whole Child philosophy has been adopted as a framework for the development of the In2Hockey resource. This philosophy takes a holistic approach to the development of the young player and considers the development of the five Cs - Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character and Caring, and Creativity; alongside the traditional Physical, Technical, Tactical and Mental (PTTM) objectives. The five Cs and PTTM objectives for each block of training are cross-referenced at the start of each section.

The content contained within the resources and delivery cards is aligned with the England Hockey Board’s player syllabus, and is designed so that players continuing on the Single System development pathway do so with an understanding of the fundamentals and an awareness of the coaching terminology that will be used throughout each stage of their development.

Festivals and Competitions

Take your clubs participation in In2Hockey to the next level by organising or taking part in an In2Hockey festival or competition. To find out more click here.

Further Delivery

As coaches become more comfortable delivering In2Hockey, they may wish to develop their knowledge base further to enable them to continue to develop their players. In this instance, it is recommended that deliverers refer to the England Hockey Proud to Coach E-book series.