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Core Resources

Core Resource - Teacher and Coaches Booklet and Session Plans

The teacher and coaches resource booklet is an 88 page booklet comprising of 7 sections:

  • Purpose, guidelines and rules
  • In2Hockey equipment
  • In2Hockey resources
  • Delivery training options
  • Session plans
  • National curriculum strands
  • Supplementary information

The session plans in the teacher and coaches resource booklet provide six-week development plans for each age group. Each age group has a specific focus:

  • Year 7/U12: Developing 1v1 skills (individual ball carrying)
  • Year 8/U13: Playing 2v1
  • Year 9/U14: Making good decisions

The session plans are colour coded using a traffic light system to help coaches and teachers to identify which level of activity they should be delivering.

The year group/age suggested provides a general guide, but deliverers should mix and match content as necessary to suit their group. For example, with groups who are playing hockey for the first time in Year 8 (U13), a red session plan may be used to introduce the game/skill before progressing onto amber session plans when appropriate then further progressing onto green sessions. The session plans suggest the use of specific delivery cards to help set up challenges, develop specific skills and achieve key outcomes. Sessions are designed to be approximately 60-90 minutes long, but can easily be adapted to fit any time slot. If necessary, one or two of the challenges could be by-passed, or the plan can be adapted to suit a specific groups’ needs and only relevant delivery cards need to be used. Some coaches or teachers may also use the delivery cards as a spark to develop alternative drills and games to get the most out of their group of players.

An example of a session plan is available to download on the right hand side.

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