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Core Resources

Delivery Cards

The core resource also includes a series of 48 In2Hockey delivery cards. These delivery cards are designed to be easy to use, and assist teachers, coaches and young people with delivery. All of the cards are based around challenges, and there are three different types:

  • 4 x introductory cards
  • 31 x skill cards
  • 10 x small-sided game (SSG) cards
  • 3 x penalty corner (PC) cards

Delivery cards are also colour coded using a traffic light system to help coaches and teachers select cards that are appropriate to the group that they are working with.

Some cards will be suitable for two or more levels of ability as they may include basic skills which can be made easier or harder using the STEP framework.

All of the In2Hockey delivery cards follow a similar format to the Quicksticks challenge cards. The front of the card includes:

  • A clear illustration of the challenge
  • An indication as to the level of difficulty
  • A concise explanation of how to play, including any additional rules and how to score the challenge
  • A list of the equipment required

The back of the card includes:

  • Teaching points
  • Key points to remember during the challenge
  • How to adapt the challenge to be easier or harder (using the STEP framework)

An example of each type of delivery card is available to download on the right hand side.

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